Our most wonderfull holiday to Denia

A few of our good friends don’t understand why we choose Denia as our holiday destination over and over. They regularly tell us that we must see other places, but what is the point when we’ve already discovered perfection? Seeing Denia, we knew we discovered true heaven. Why is that? Because with its numerous activities, Denia is good for both kids and grownups, meaning that it is the optimal spot for a family vacation. How do we do it? Well, each year we rent a different holiday villa in Denia, one that can welcome our entire family. It always looks good and it’s cheap, that is why we keep revisiting.

Even though lots of people may find it dull, we constantly uncover something new about Denia. Each time the vacation ends, we count the seconds until our next one.

holidays to deniaSo what is so special about Denia?

It is truly tough talking only about a few things we like about Denia, since there are so many wonderful things about this area. To begin with, we love its history. For a small port in Valencia, it certainly has a fascinating history. Its strategic position on Costa Blanca, Alicante, has made it the target of many armies and a lot of battles occurred here. Many great powers have tried to get their hands of Denia, including the Roman Empire, the Muslims and the Christians. The castle is probably the first thing you will notice when visiting Denia. Despite the fact that it was constructed a very long time ago, it still stands as one of the most beautiful castles in Europe. The castle pathway offers fantastic views and the collections in the castle museum are so terrific we would spend a lot of hours viewing them.

Do notthink that visiting old buildings are the only ways topass time in Denia. For example, our children love to head to the seashore and play. The Punta del Raset beach is the one we usually visit, there is a children’s play centre there that keeps the kids occupied while we work on our tans.

Yet another of our beloved activities is riding horses. Just outside Denia there is a wonderful riding school, named La Sella. We frequently go on family trips through the Montgo national park and we love it!

As I mentioned before, we’re so in love with Denia that we fear the day when the vacationis over and we have to head home. That’s why we decided we ought to make Denia our home and we started looking for a villa for sale in Denia.

Sincewe don’t have any relatives or friends in our hometown and our kids finished their school, we do not see any reasons to not move to Denia. We felt the happiest in Denia and we don’t wish to let go of this great feeling.

Before leaving Denia, we took a couple of days to hunt for a villa. We were delighted to find out that compared with our home country, the houses were more affordable and had a lot more features.

We were thrilled to find a five bedroom villa ( pool included) for 330,000 Euros. It might seem a lot (this was the upper limit of our spending plan), but given the fact that it was more a mansion than a villa, with a big swimming pool, with a bar to the side and a fantastic panorama, this was our first choice. With the image of all the terrific pool parties we can throw, we decided that it is well worth the price. One of the biggest selling points for us were the 5 bedrooms, since we’re a big family and we would not want to be crowded. As I stated before, this is most likely going to be our final choice we found Mike, a lovely agent who works for solimarvillasals, he helped us choose the right property and i can recommend him.

Our other choice is a much smaller, 3 bedroom villa, at only 165, 000 Euros. Even though it is much smaller (with just three bedrooms) and the swimming pool is shared with other villas, the smaller price mayconvince us to buy it and then convert some of the other rooms into bedrooms.

We are far from a final decision and we are planning a new visit to Denia to look for more villas. We’re extremely excited about staying in Denia, it is going to be like a non stop holiday for us!