Discover the Wonderful Spain – Andalucía

In case you didn’t know, Andalucía is one of the most colorful and culturally captivating areas in the South of Spain. If you find Spanish customs interesting and wish to see wonderful activities including flamenco of bullfighting, Andalucía is the place to go. If you are already intrigued, you need to keep reading this post, because we are going to give you some advice about the activities you should choose when visiting Andalucia.

See a Bullfight

Although lots of people think about it as being too violent, bullfighting remains to this day an important activity in Spanish society. The Moors brought this activity to the Spanish region, at first as ritualistic spectacles and then as a sport with spectators. The matadors are the ones that enter the arena to battle the bulls, being paid and treated like football stars in our country.

A fantastic way to make sure you will have the chance to see a bullfight is to check the schedule of activities and just pick the correct time. If you find bullfighting interesting, there are also a great deal of museums devoted to it in Andalucía.

Try Tapas (Seville)

Seville is the capital city of this region. It showcases every timeless element closely associated with Andalucía, including winding streets, dreamy plazas, tapas bars, remarkable landscapes and cozy wine. Talking about tapas, you should most definitely try some out when going to this region. There are countless bars where you can place an order for tapas, and get it customized according to your preference. Among the best tapas bars in Seville are Santa Maria La Blanca, Calles Mateas Gago and Alfalfa. As the capital city of the area, Seville has everything visitors love about Andalucía. All the great things about Andalucia are featured there. Beginning with the great wines and delicious tapas and ending with the long walks in luxurious plazas, you can feel the genuine Spanish spirit in Seville. One of the main attractions of Seville are tapas bars and you definitely need to go to at least one. The great thing about the bars in Seville is that there are a lot of of them and you can personalize the tapas to suit your taste. Among the most widely known ones are San Eloy, Alfalfa and Calles Mateas Gago.

Experience the Magic of Flamenco

Flamenco is another cultural experience that shouldn’t be missed when having a vacation in Spain. Initially the song and dance of the gypsies in Andalucía, this splendid art has been brought back all across Spain by a lot of devoted groups of performers. There are 2 kinds of flamenco dances you can see in Andalucía. Tablao is a show set up for touristic purposes and Pena Flamenca is focused on the purity of the art.

You can usually see both of these kinds of flamenco spectacles in one night, starting with the Tablao dance and ending with the Pena Flamenco. Pena Flamenco is considered to be more imaginative and genuine.

Go to a Celebration

Among the best methods to experience the civilization, music, architecture and art forms of Andalucía is to attend a local festival. Here in this area, over 3000 celebrations are organized every year, including pilgrimages, exhibitions, religious processions and carnivals.

A couple of the most well-liked celebrations include Semana Santa, Feria de Abril and Spring Fair. Holy Week is an ecclesiastical procession involving theological idols and floats. The Spring Fair honors the beginning of the warm seasons and is a fantastic vibrant event with food, drinks and dances.

Whenever you opt to visit Andalucía for a vacation, you should not miss anything mentioned in this article. We assure you it is going to be a fantastic experience and you’ll be left wanting more.