A night out in Benidorm

A huge number of travellers go to Benidorm year after year, having its breathtaking sandy coastline and lively nightlife  being primary attractions.

Benidorm definitely is a beachfront area that can take care of a large number of travelers, offering numerous flavours of food. Benidorm’s amusement goes on from sun rising to sunset with each other with gifted tribute bands and artists, karaoke queens and kings, cabaret, drag exhibits also as lesbian and gay taverns creating a raucous – and in most circumstances – raunchy ambiance.

Regardless of regardless of whether you fancy an outrageous nightclub crawl, an informal night out too as a extravagant evening, Benidorm comes up trumps.

Benidorm night life

Benidorm has acquired the nickname ‘Spanish Manhattan’ because of the resort skyscrapers which are obtainable in a great deal. But, it might also be known as the Spain’s New York selection because of the fact it may be definitely a city that beneath no circumstances goes to sleep.

Even when it’s time for breakfast, the sound of music reaches you, beating from many the bars, or maybe a singer belting out the hits they adore on the machine for karaoke.

However, the entertainment situation at Benidorm actually becomes lively throughout the evening, when there is illumination. This tends to make the skyscrapers’ outlines portrayed around the skyline look in particular fascinating.

Elvis, Michael Jackson, Meatloaf, Adele, Abba, Queen plus the Blues Brothers come to life on an practically day-to-day basis in Benidorm. Some of the tribute acts are truly polished performers but all have one want – to obtain Benidorm on its feet to obtain the party started!

As noticed on TVs Benidorm, Morgans Tavern

Within the English Quarter and the surroundings, Sinatra’s, Morgan’s Tavern and Ambassador Hotel are amazing places to derive pleasure from, in reside music. Should you live close to the scenery of a beach, Daytona and Heartbreak Rock Bar on Avenida Madrid, at Levante beach front supply tribute bands too as other live music.

An additional common reside music venue along Avenida Madrid is Tiki Beach, which is one particular from the liveliest beach bars in Benidorm. It is ideal for cocktails or possibly a couple of cool beers immediately after a day on the beach. Too as music you may also come across Yanni the street magician performing some truly great tricks at your table.

The Rock and Roll House inside the Rincon de loix district (close to Benidorm Palace) is often a wonderful venue for fans in the 50s.

On the other hand, you’ll find numerous bars providing resident music in Benidorm, so you may just go for any wander to quit in the 1 that takes your fancy.

A slice of residence in Benidorm’s English Quarter

English meals on present in the English Quarter, Benidorm

Going towards the English Quarter, that is some streets along the rear of Levante beach, you shall know the purpose Benidorm is numerous instances depicted as Blackpool which has sunshine.

It’s largely created up of British holidaymakers making themselves at home within the British bars. The only distinction is within the value. Here you may come across bars offering John Smith’s bitter at knockdown rates, a euro a pint, delighted hours, all-day English breakfasts along with a cracking Sunday roast with all the trimmings.

It may appear familiar to you as this part of Benidorm stars in the Television comedy Benidorm. The Sol Pelicanos Ocas hotel will be the all-inclusive Solana although Morgan’s Tavern capabilities as Neptune inside the series.

With a lot of bars, discoes and restaurants in the Quarter, this is the perfect place to get a good old British pub crawl.

The Quarter features a large amount of bars, restaurants and discos, producing it essentially the most best region for an great British pub crawl. Rockefellers and Morgan’s Tavern are well-known places for reside entertainment. To get a additional youthful crowd, the trend is usually to go to Hippodrome Disco Pub for lovely dancing and music.

Old Town in Benidorm…Have Enjoyable with a Spanish Taste

Old town must be visited to obtain a taste of Spain in Benidorm. It presents a amazing blend of shops, discos, bars and restaurants in its tapered, cobbled streets.

In regard to entertainment, the old town is famous for its gay bars and drag shows. It really is yet another superb area for strolling from one particular bar to one more or resting on an exterior terrace, watching folks.

A single on the ideal acts to view is international female impersonator Jordan Rivers performing at the Rich Bitch Showbar inside the old town. It’s terrific value for income, incredibly funny and the costumes are divine!

In case you are a fan of cabaret, going to Benidorm Palace for the evening needs to become scheduled into your tour. Previously, the renowned Benidorm Palace was nominated as Europe’s most outstanding cabaret theatre nightclub. The venue continues to be adding pomp and colour with its fantastic performances, dancers and singers.

You are in a position to have enjoyable together with the complete package for dinner-show or the theatre show only. Frequently, The Palace also gives concerts by key singers in the music globe.

Benidorm Palace

Avda Medical expert Severo Ochoa 13


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Nearby could be the well-known Levi’s Showboat with hilarious acts including drag acts, singers, comedy and dancing. It can be bit risqué and is not for the faint-hearted but it is really a scream.

For anything which is slightly varied in Benidorm

The Casino Mediterraneo Benidorm can present an elegant evening out complete of exciting; it was opened in 2014. It is a massive gambling spot having a large amount of slot machines to attempt your luck. Alternatively, you can sit to play poker, American roulette or Black Jack at one in the tables.

Sports fans shall adore the casino because it presents numerous television screens to monitor the key events and sports betting booths also where you’re in a position to encounter a thrill. Competitions are held by the casino on initial floor; there is an art show right here also, highlighting nearby artists.

Casino Mediterraneo Benidorm

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Flamenco in Corral de la Morería

A tour to Spain may not appear total with no viewing the emotion and passion of flamenco. Despite the fact that it really is a good deal of miles from Andalusia, exactly where flamenco dancing and music was incepted, generally, performances take place in Benidorm bars.

It can be incredibly feasible for you to encounter a flamenco show in Benidorm old town in one of your bars (tapas). Otherwise, in Calle Esperanto, Cerveceria El Anduluz frequently hosts flamenco performances. Make a booking to get a table, spot a tapas order and prepare for any turbulence of feelings in the course of your evening.

Why you should pay a visit to Bilbao

Spain is considered the most popular tourist destinations on the earth. Spain carries a wealthy society, background and artwork; with astonishing construction and fabulous cuisine and beautiful vistas, it is an apparent selling point for the travelers from the world over. Madrid and Barcelona may be the most in-demand traveler choices in Spain, however, there is one more city, Bilbao, that should not really be forgotten whilst travelling to this element of Iberian Peninsula. It may not be as popular as other Spanish spots but like a covered treasure, the city of Bilbao is a thing which is well worth uncovering.

Things to do in Bilbao

It is actually almost absurd to inquire about what you should do in Bilbao for the instant you land on the place, you’re going to be attracted to its rich culture. Actually roaming around in the radiant and alluring roads of Bilbao will likely be sufficient to make your tour worth the money. However, if you’re interested in a lot more, check out the museums and galleries inside the locale. The most well-liked of the museums is Guggenheim Museum. The construction of the museum is an incredible work of art and design adorned with awesome titanium panels. Approach on the inside though and you will be treated to one of the many globe’s very best group of innovative art. In case you are a bit extra into old-fashioned artwork, then you need to head out straight to the Fine Arts Museum to find artworks by masters including Goya, El Greco and even of even more recent artisans like Gauguin.

It’s not simply a sacred area

Spain carries a loaded spiritual past and checking out Bilbao will likely be unfinished while not going to the remarkable church buildings the area possesses. Santiago Cathedral will help you to spend some tranquil time all by yourself and also pray if you wish. Santiago just isn’t a praying spot, it boasts a superb architectural form created by Jacobeans that conjures up the tourists.

Year-round activities

Don’t be fooled with the religiousness of Bilbao though. Folks located here are vibrant and you’ll identify a whole lot of entertainment right here. Whatever the season people see Bilbao, without a doubt you will discover a show which you can go to spend night time away. Though if you wish to seriously face Bilbao at its optimum, then you must visit in August when the town enjoys a three-week event that sports parades, a county fair and fireworks.


If you are intending a trip in Bilbao, bypass hotels and stay inside a villa as a replacement. Residing in a villa is more expensive than arranging in a hotel but it’ll provide a superior feel of the locale particularly if you will be able to book one that will be near the important places of interest.

Discover the Wonderful Spain – Andalucía

In case you didn’t know, Andalucía is one of the most colorful and culturally captivating areas in the South of Spain. If you find Spanish customs interesting and wish to see wonderful activities including flamenco of bullfighting, Andalucía is the place to go. If you are already intrigued, you need to keep reading this post, because we are going to give you some advice about the activities you should choose when visiting Andalucia.

See a Bullfight

Although lots of people think about it as being too violent, bullfighting remains to this day an important activity in Spanish society. The Moors brought this activity to the Spanish region, at first as ritualistic spectacles and then as a sport with spectators. The matadors are the ones that enter the arena to battle the bulls, being paid and treated like football stars in our country.

A fantastic way to make sure you will have the chance to see a bullfight is to check the schedule of activities and just pick the correct time. If you find bullfighting interesting, there are also a great deal of museums devoted to it in Andalucía.

Try Tapas (Seville)

Seville is the capital city of this region. It showcases every timeless element closely associated with Andalucía, including winding streets, dreamy plazas, tapas bars, remarkable landscapes and cozy wine. Talking about tapas, you should most definitely try some out when going to this region. There are countless bars where you can place an order for tapas, and get it customized according to your preference. Among the best tapas bars in Seville are Santa Maria La Blanca, Calles Mateas Gago and Alfalfa. As the capital city of the area, Seville has everything visitors love about Andalucía. All the great things about Andalucia are featured there. Beginning with the great wines and delicious tapas and ending with the long walks in luxurious plazas, you can feel the genuine Spanish spirit in Seville. One of the main attractions of Seville are tapas bars and you definitely need to go to at least one. The great thing about the bars in Seville is that there are a lot of of them and you can personalize the tapas to suit your taste. Among the most widely known ones are San Eloy, Alfalfa and Calles Mateas Gago.

Experience the Magic of Flamenco

Flamenco is another cultural experience that shouldn’t be missed when having a vacation in Spain. Initially the song and dance of the gypsies in Andalucía, this splendid art has been brought back all across Spain by a lot of devoted groups of performers. There are 2 kinds of flamenco dances you can see in Andalucía. Tablao is a show set up for touristic purposes and Pena Flamenca is focused on the purity of the art.

You can usually see both of these kinds of flamenco spectacles in one night, starting with the Tablao dance and ending with the Pena Flamenco. Pena Flamenco is considered to be more imaginative and genuine.

Go to a Celebration

Among the best methods to experience the civilization, music, architecture and art forms of Andalucía is to attend a local festival. Here in this area, over 3000 celebrations are organized every year, including pilgrimages, exhibitions, religious processions and carnivals.

A couple of the most well-liked celebrations include Semana Santa, Feria de Abril and Spring Fair. Holy Week is an ecclesiastical procession involving theological idols and floats. The Spring Fair honors the beginning of the warm seasons and is a fantastic vibrant event with food, drinks and dances.

Whenever you opt to visit Andalucía for a vacation, you should not miss anything mentioned in this article. We assure you it is going to be a fantastic experience and you’ll be left wanting more.

Our most wonderfull holiday to Denia

A few of our good friends don’t understand why we choose Denia as our holiday destination over and over. They regularly tell us that we must see other places, but what is the point when we’ve already discovered perfection? Seeing Denia, we knew we discovered true heaven. Why is that? Because with its numerous activities, Denia is good for both kids and grownups, meaning that it is the optimal spot for a family vacation. How do we do it? Well, each year we rent a different holiday villa in Denia, one that can welcome our entire family. It always looks good and it’s cheap, that is why we keep revisiting.

Even though lots of people may find it dull, we constantly uncover something new about Denia. Each time the vacation ends, we count the seconds until our next one.

holidays to deniaSo what is so special about Denia?

It is truly tough talking only about a few things we like about Denia, since there are so many wonderful things about this area. To begin with, we love its history. For a small port in Valencia, it certainly has a fascinating history. Its strategic position on Costa Blanca, Alicante, has made it the target of many armies and a lot of battles occurred here. Many great powers have tried to get their hands of Denia, including the Roman Empire, the Muslims and the Christians. The castle is probably the first thing you will notice when visiting Denia. Despite the fact that it was constructed a very long time ago, it still stands as one of the most beautiful castles in Europe. The castle pathway offers fantastic views and the collections in the castle museum are so terrific we would spend a lot of hours viewing them.

Do notthink that visiting old buildings are the only ways topass time in Denia. For example, our children love to head to the seashore and play. The Punta del Raset beach is the one we usually visit, there is a children’s play centre there that keeps the kids occupied while we work on our tans.

Yet another of our beloved activities is riding horses. Just outside Denia there is a wonderful riding school, named La Sella. We frequently go on family trips through the Montgo national park and we love it!

As I mentioned before, we’re so in love with Denia that we fear the day when the vacationis over and we have to head home. That’s why we decided we ought to make Denia our home and we started looking for a villa for sale in Denia.

Sincewe don’t have any relatives or friends in our hometown and our kids finished their school, we do not see any reasons to not move to Denia. We felt the happiest in Denia and we don’t wish to let go of this great feeling.

Before leaving Denia, we took a couple of days to hunt for a villa. We were delighted to find out that compared with our home country, the houses were more affordable and had a lot more features.

We were thrilled to find a five bedroom villa ( pool included) for 330,000 Euros. It might seem a lot (this was the upper limit of our spending plan), but given the fact that it was more a mansion than a villa, with a big swimming pool, with a bar to the side and a fantastic panorama, this was our first choice. With the image of all the terrific pool parties we can throw, we decided that it is well worth the price. One of the biggest selling points for us were the 5 bedrooms, since we’re a big family and we would not want to be crowded. As I stated before, this is most likely going to be our final choice we found Mike, a lovely agent who works for solimarvillasals, he helped us choose the right property and i can recommend him.

Our other choice is a much smaller, 3 bedroom villa, at only 165, 000 Euros. Even though it is much smaller (with just three bedrooms) and the swimming pool is shared with other villas, the smaller price mayconvince us to buy it and then convert some of the other rooms into bedrooms.

We are far from a final decision and we are planning a new visit to Denia to look for more villas. We’re extremely excited about staying in Denia, it is going to be like a non stop holiday for us!

The Javea we’ve totally fallen in Love with

Me and my wife had been on lots of flights to Spain, and we love the country, but we generally proceed to Andalusia. We chosen to try out new and interesting things this year and thus we decide on reserving a holiday villa in Javea, much like how we love having an adventure, we also love change. We are both so satisfied because it showed that the area is a suitable destination.
Javea is in Costa Blanca in the land of Valencia, province of Alicante. Like some other places in seaside parts, it receives lots of traveler however they are more varied in nationality compared to the tourists where we generally stay. And we were pleasantly surprised at how authentically Spanish Javea is when we wanted somewhere that felt a bit more Spanish. Other significant attraction of this area is represented by its impressive traditions and customs enhancing the culture of Javea local people. That is why you’ll definitely feel at home as it provides that distinct feeling of experience and comfort to the travellers and holidaymakers.
Javea is known to have the best climate in the world. It’s not quite as hot as the southern tip of Spain being further up from the equator but the climate is still scorching hot.
With distinctive white-washed houses and maze of narrow cobbled streets as well as with the Mediterranean concept, Town itself is just what exactly you’d expect. The place is actually within a large enclave on the Costa Blanca and it’s ideally situated, near a sensational white sand beach and scenic scenery streets.

You can roam around on foot or you can rent a bike. Whatever it is that you would probably do to explore the town and to enjoy its wonders, do it to your heart’s content but we highly recommend this place that is specifically worth seeing if you visit which is the Montgó Natural Park. We do not have little ones to be concerned about, so we took a hike up the Montgó Mountain on our second day, this time on foot. It is actually a serious yet a gentle walk to the summit and it’s properly worth undertaking so, in the top of the summit there are actually some amazing views to behold. Outstanding views from the top of the summit would also include Denia and Javea. It’s wise to bring lots of water and several lunch though as there’s no eating places or food shops nearby and it takes a while to summit.

Just before going for any trip to the summit or after, it would also be nice for you personally to go and see the old town or the ancient part of Javea if you are still in town. We’re quite confident you don’t would like to miss it. It still has an old wall that was built to maintain out pirates, and there’s a magnificent 14th century church to take a look about. In addition there are some great views of the entire enclave from the cliffs located each side of the town if you want to venture up them. They are a great place to sit and have a packed lunch.

We’ve mostly covered all activities important to totally enjoy the visit like eating (mostly in this lovely eating place in Javea Bay – Sofia’s Restaurant), scuba diving, lounging on the beach front and on the sand close to the sea. Basically, the week was spent in the encompassing area walking or cycling. Those are the good reasons why we are here.

We were pleased with our holiday to Javea so much we’ve agreed to transfer entirely and move out there within the year or so, and the second part of our holiday was spent actually looking for a villa for sale in Javea. We still need to make an informed decision which is the best new home for us and there are a number of ideal villas for sale to pick out. The market value of some villas for sale in this town is fairly high and could reach up to several millions of Euros because town itself is quite well-off and also considering it’s ideal place. We’re not quite that wealthy and had budget of around 300,000 Euros to spend (including selling our current home) but for that money what you can buy is phenomenal. A great mix of both contemporary and classic Spanish architecture is what we are looking into a luxurious villa. There’s a incredibly landscaped garden and a private pool. A villa near the canal although not quite large yet similarly priced is what we are also interested in. We also discover a villa which is unexpectedly only half the price of the other two and has an unbelievable panoramic views of the enclave from spacious balcony. It’s a delightful two bedroom villa located high in the Castellans area of Javea. And we can instead keep the other 50 percent of and lease our existing house for extra source of income. The only thing is that it doesn’t have swimming pool area but we think the balcony more than makes up for it.
The excitement of moving out here and having a new lifestyle is especially unbearable we have fallen deeply in love with Javea, along with the beach locations, the countryside, the individuals and also the excellent homes. We’re also looking forward to commence our new lives in quite possibly the most distinct places on Earth. All we need to right now is to make the concluding decision on which home we want and which home we can afford.

Valencia’s Fantastic Biopark

The Bioparc in Valencia is a unique outing that all the family can have fun with. One can find it in Parque de Cabecera s, near the City of Arts and Sciences. Biparc is not as famed as several other visiting places in the city, but it’s definitely not a spot worthy of skipping.

The park itself is like a mixture of a Zoo and also a safari park, extending some 25 acres, and it is home for more than 4,000 wild animals.The park gives an amazing experience . The creatures are not confined in enclosures, instead you will see them wandering around almost like they were inside of their genuine environment.

Rhinoceros, deers and giraffes, all reside in the spectacular savannah.The park includes wild buffaloes and elephants together with gorillas and lions. The surrounding is fantastic with a great deal of plants and animals just like you would have found in the forest.

Bioparc is among the most recent generations of zoos where the normal interaction amongst the zoo kept wild animals, stuck inside cages and glass, and the visitors that observe them is challenged. The animals are kept quite close to their natural atmosphere so you can sense that you are viewing them within their authentic environment.

This method to do things is named Zoo-immersion . It’s using a philosophy which seeks to immerse the visitor in an ‘as true to life as achievable’ experience with the natural setting that wild animals remain in. It encourages the tourists to become intrigued and inquisitive, to search for the abundant complexity of these surroundings and ecosystems which assist the animals. The park had been formerly designed with the aim that tourists really should actually feel encouraged, coached, and engaged regarding the issues around animal conservation and recognize the importance to preserve and sustain wild animals as well as the atmospheres in which they live.

It isn’t just the way you are able to get connected to the wildlife that is extraordinary here.There are various other pursuits that can be really enjoyed with the family in Bioparc. You should attend one of the appealing and educational bird and mammal shows, or watch a dvd concerning zoo’s wildlife as well as their story. Alternatively you can arrive at one of the several storytelling sittings that are organised throughout the day .The park professionals place lots of concentration on sustaining the environment of the park and in addition protectively breed a few of the animal species nearing annihilation. A number of animals within this breeding plan were obtained from the Valencia Zoo whilst others came from zoos all across Spain. A few other wild animals in the Bioparc however originate from as far off as the Netherlands, Portugal, Denmark, Germany or the Czech Republic.

Even when you may not be able to reach for the creatures however you are able to get in close proximity to them.. For example one of the first specific zones you will find is recognized as the Madagascar Area. It’s where you can the monkeys, and you’ll rest and watch as naughty apes nonchalantly stroll nearer thereafter take a seat on the inclines only just inches away from people.

At the time you feel hungry, it is easy to seize quite a few snack foods in the café in Bioparc additionally, you can go to the dining establishment to have a marvelous lunch. Cuisine is fine and the service hospitable, however this is some extra stuff as eating within the Bioparc is just about the most original and wonderful experiences you could possibly anticipate. When you have your dinner you are able to look at giraffes walking away. Or possibly the giraffes aren’t to your liking then on the other part of the eating venue you will discover the Elephants which happily move about, barely spotting that you’re nearby.

Bioparc is wide open through Monday to Friday from 10 in the morning to 6 or 9.00pm depending upon the season.Bioparc sits in the western part of Valencia. Closest Metro station is Nou d’Octoubre . Then again, you’ll have to move another 20 min and traverse a bridge after heading left from the Metro station.The park’s parking lot has the capacity to host around eight thousand automobiles. The admittance fee is 20 euros, however if you use a visitors card you get a 10% price reduction.I’d propose that you allow at a minimum 5 hours to fully get pleasure from the things that this wonderful zoo is providing.


Bioparc, being in the west of Valencia, provides a delightful adventure. Dissimilar to a usual zoo Bioparc is fashioned considering the purpose that site visitors must believe that they’re engrossed within the setting of the wildlife living there, using a technique labeled ‘zoo immersion.’ . You may enjoy being in close proximity to the rhinoceros, leopards, apes and in addition have evening meal whilst gazing at elephants or giraffes. It is really an impressive, enlightening and impressing encounter that you as well as your whole family will enjoy, and we endorse incorporating it as being a must- see destination in your trip.


The main harbour of Alicante boasts a prospering overall economy, holds an amazing historical background and is an instantaneous attraction for holidaymakers. Previously a a little shabby sea-port now it has improved itself into an attractive place loved by tourists all over the world. The town is the capital of the province of Alicante and the second largest Valencian city which has a population near 350,000 locals. Originally named “Lucentum” which means “City of Light” the colourful city offers a lot to see and do with a thrilling night-life, great restaurants and many activities and gatherings to help keep the whole family amused.

As is the case with cities in this area, Alicante is blessed with an attractive Mediterranean climatic condition with gentle winter seasons and very warm summer season and very small rain. The main avenue of the city, sided with palm trees and road-side shopping stalls, is incredibly well-liked by people. Around the Alicante harbour you’ll find gorgeous long alleys to walk through where you may relish the palm trees and the soft climate.

Alicante possesses a vast set of sights so everybody will discover something they enjoy to experience or engage in. The beaches in this area are simply spectacular, for instance the lovely island of Tabarca located just off the shoreline.Boasting a breadth of 400m and a length of 1800 m, Tabarca is the most densely inhabited Valencian Island. Daily trips to the island mean that it can easily see over 3000 tourists everyday. It is a terrific sanctuary against the business of the city and indeed worth visiting as part of your vacation.

If you are hunting for a high class experience, Alicante Marina has wonderful shopping centers, bistros and maritime endeavors. For individuals searching for a more low budget endeavor, arrange a tour of Alicante’s indoor market place. The indoor market is situated in a beautiful art-deco building that has been engineered by Juan Vidal Ramos somewhere between 1911 and 1912. It’s round appendage topped by a semispherical cupola is termed a “La Rotonda” and the building design and style might have been regarded as highly progressive for that era. Once inside the building you can purchase a lot of luscious appetizers to shop for with tons of shops loaded with an abundance of tasty foodstuffs, such as vegetables and fruits, fish and shellfish, dates and figs, olives, organic loaves of bread and flavorsome goodies.The marketplace is additionally a preferred shopping spot for the occupants; if perhaps you’re anxious to get to know some natives, this is the market.

Whenever you’re in the mood of having an outdoors meal, go out for those modish places to eat with dishes and bargains written outdoors on blackboards.If you’re visiting the place for the first time, you will see amazing discounts meant for 3 or 2 course lunch and drinks.

Alicante Port and Santa Barbara Castle

It does not matter if you are with limited funds or on a lookout to get a lavish accommodation, the area has just the right hotel rooms for your requirements. Typically, the lodgings within Alicante are comfortable and affordable so lodgings ought to be the least of your worries.


Alicante is quite famous among the sightseers. It carries a sunny Mediterranean environment and features a great deal to observe and accomplish. For anyone whose perception of excellence is ocean and beach sand, there is stretches of fabulous seacoast to appreciate along with awesome cafes and restaurants all near your accommodation. From galleries and citadels to shopping centers and amusement parks; the place is filled with life and appeal. Whatever you like on your holiday Alicante has something for everybody.