The main harbour of Alicante boasts a prospering overall economy, holds an amazing historical background and is an instantaneous attraction for holidaymakers. Previously a a little shabby sea-port now it has improved itself into an attractive place loved by tourists all over the world. The town is the capital of the province of Alicante and the second largest Valencian city which has a population near 350,000 locals. Originally named “Lucentum” which means “City of Light” the colourful city offers a lot to see and do with a thrilling night-life, great restaurants and many activities and gatherings to help keep the whole family amused.

As is the case with cities in this area, Alicante is blessed with an attractive Mediterranean climatic condition with gentle winter seasons and very warm summer season and very small rain. The main avenue of the city, sided with palm trees and road-side shopping stalls, is incredibly well-liked by people. Around the Alicante harbour you’ll find gorgeous long alleys to walk through where you may relish the palm trees and the soft climate.

Alicante possesses a vast set of sights so everybody will discover something they enjoy to experience or engage in. The beaches in this area are simply spectacular, for instance the lovely island of Tabarca located just off the shoreline.Boasting a breadth of 400m and a length of 1800 m, Tabarca is the most densely inhabited Valencian Island. Daily trips to the island mean that it can easily see over 3000 tourists everyday. It is a terrific sanctuary against the business of the city and indeed worth visiting as part of your vacation.

If you are hunting for a high class experience, Alicante Marina has wonderful shopping centers, bistros and maritime endeavors. For individuals searching for a more low budget endeavor, arrange a tour of Alicante’s indoor market place. The indoor market is situated in a beautiful art-deco building that has been engineered by Juan Vidal Ramos somewhere between 1911 and 1912. It’s round appendage topped by a semispherical cupola is termed a “La Rotonda” and the building design and style might have been regarded as highly progressive for that era. Once inside the building you can purchase a lot of luscious appetizers to shop for with tons of shops loaded with an abundance of tasty foodstuffs, such as vegetables and fruits, fish and shellfish, dates and figs, olives, organic loaves of bread and flavorsome goodies.The marketplace is additionally a preferred shopping spot for the occupants; if perhaps you’re anxious to get to know some natives, this is the market.

Whenever you’re in the mood of having an outdoors meal, go out for those modish places to eat with dishes and bargains written outdoors on blackboards.If you’re visiting the place for the first time, you will see amazing discounts meant for 3 or 2 course lunch and drinks.

Alicante Port and Santa Barbara Castle

It does not matter if you are with limited funds or on a lookout to get a lavish accommodation, the area has just the right hotel rooms for your requirements. Typically, the lodgings within Alicante are comfortable and affordable so lodgings ought to be the least of your worries.


Alicante is quite famous among the sightseers. It carries a sunny Mediterranean environment and features a great deal to observe and accomplish. For anyone whose perception of excellence is ocean and beach sand, there is stretches of fabulous seacoast to appreciate along with awesome cafes and restaurants all near your accommodation. From galleries and citadels to shopping centers and amusement parks; the place is filled with life and appeal. Whatever you like on your holiday Alicante has something for everybody.